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Jinshan Old Street

Jinshan Old Street

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Updates : 2024-02-21


“Jinshan Old Street (JinBaoLi Old Street)”is currently the only remaining Qing dynasty old street in the north coast. With a three hundred year history, it used to be the major gathering place for farm goods and fishery for JinBaoLi residents. “Local special” red-centered yams and Tiaohshi taros and other vegetables can be bought in morning markets according to the season. The age old popular delicacies and local specialties are a must try at JinBaoLi Old Street. Must buy souvenirs include one-bite pastry, A Yu sesame rice crispy, etc. There are also a variety of freshly made traditional snacks such as yam slices, black sugar cake, taro cake and rice stratiform cake, etc with the super popular duck meat stand in front of Guan An temple. The self- serve culture forms a unique site of the place. JinBaoLi Old Street accommodates all tastes whether you enjoy sweet or salty.

Jinshan Old Street is full of popular snacks, including JinBaoLi duck meat, one-bite pastry, one-bite sesame rice crispy with handmade egg rolls and the Jinshan special “caramelized yam”!
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