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Tamsui Longshan Temple

Tamsui Longshan Temple

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Updates : 2022-04-27


The temple was constructed in the 8th year of the Jianfeng Era (1858) and was once the religious center of people from the three counties of Jinjiang, Hui-an and Nan-an in Quanzhou, China. Long-an Huang, a trader on Hobe Street, mobilized other people from his home counties to construct the temple. The brothers Guanghai Hong and Guangcheng Hong donated their family property for the temple site.

Tamsui Longshan Temple is dedicated to Guanyin Buddha. Representatives from Jinjiang, Hui-an and Nan-an each host the temple ceremonies commemorating the Buddha’s birthday, ascension and renouncement of worldly ties respectively every year. People from all three counties also come together to host the Ghost Festival ceremony on the 27th day of the 7th lunar month. The tradition continues to today. Guanyin Buddha was said to have miraculously shielded the people of Hobe Street from the French bombardment during the Battle of Tamsui in the Sino-French War of 1884. An imperial plaque was therefore bestowed by Emperor Guangxu and this still hangs in the main hall today. Stone donated in 1885 by Governor Gaoyuan Zhang who took part in the Battle of Tamsui for the construction of the temple courtyard can still be seen as well
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