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Jiufen Goldore Museum

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Updates : 2022-10-03


Recommended ProductsJiufen, gold mine, museumFollow Qiche Road, No. 102 county road, go uphill along the stone stairs next to the "Sleepless Ones Garden Hotel" on Qingbian Road. As you climb, you can exercise your heart and enjoy the mountain scenery at the same time. Follow the signposts, and you will reach the Jiufen Goldore Museum. An alternate route, which is less physically demanding, starts next to the Artist Teahouse on Qingbian Road. Stay on Qingbian Road and go towards No. 5 Park, you will find a set of stone stairs that leads downhill to the Jiufen Goldore Museum.The owner of the Jiufen Goldore Museum, Mr Zeng Shui-Chi, believes he is one of the last miners in Taiwan. He is from Jiufeng and is one of the few that dedicate his time to the promotion of mining history and culture. As Mr Zeng used to work in a mining quarry and is experienced in gold metallurgy process, he is very familiar with everything about gold mining and gold metallurgy process. He has transformed level two of his own house into a gold mining museum, whereas mining tunnel and mining trolley tracks recreated on level one take visitors back to the past. Many precious gold ore, coexistence ore and related original documents are displayed here.Level two is divided into a multimedia area and a learning area with a gold panning theme. Unlike the gold panning hands-on experience provided by Museum of Gold, the gold panning exhibition here starts from the crushing of ore and ends when shinning gold dusts appear in the bottom of the riffle. Objects that help to explain metallurgy process such as gold cyanidation and gold-mercury amalgam are also displayed.Mr Zeng believes that gold mining, metallurgy and panning cannot be regarded only as jobs he has done, but his lifelong interests and something he see as his responsibility to promote.
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