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Filming Location of Movie Seediq Bale: Tonghou River

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Updates : 2022-05-11


Deep in Wulai is a secluded, protected river valley that tourists cannot enter without the necessary mountain entry permits. The valley is home to the Tonghou River, a water source for Taipei (Feitsui Reservoir) and one of the 10 best places in Taiwan to bird-watch. When walking around the Tonghou River area, one is immediately drawn to its rich natural environment, which is so beautiful that it could have come straight out of an oil painting. It was this characteristic that led the producers of Seediq Bale to choose it as a film location. Along the Tonghou River is a 13-kilometer long level forest path that passes by raging rivers, large river bends, deep valleys, and waterfalls. The river is sparkling and translucent, making it easy to see fish and shrimps, including kooye minnows and groupers. And at around the 4-kilometer mark of the path is a sediment collection dam, where the river flows in line with manmade partitions in a highly photogenic manner. At the conclusion of this trail you can notice the start of another, much older path which is the Tonghou Ancient Trail. It goes 17 kilometers and ends in Yilan’s Jiaoxi. In the past the Atayal used it during hunting excursions and migrations, adding much history to this Chinese fir forest.Note: Paperwork is necessary before entering the Tonghou River area. At the Wuyu Security Checkpoint visitors must complete mountain entry procedures. They also must apply for Aa vehicle permit must be applied from the Forestry Bureau, which can be done 3three to 60 days before entry at the bureau website (http://www.forest.gov.tw).
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