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National Taipei University Arts Boulevard

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Updates : 2021-05-25


Development in the area surrounding the Sanxia campus of National Taipei University is occurring rapidly. Beautiful residential sky rises are cropping up, with spacious roads and heavy tree cover, but what is most astounding is the 1.2-kilometer-long pedestrian arts boulevard that was built in front of the row of homes on Xueqin Road, starting by the university’s main entrance. The boulevard is a favorite route for local residents to take during afternoon walks. Construction of the boulevard was done in cooperation with the Yingge Ceramics Museum. Every few steps you take, there is a mosaic pastiche created by a child artist, and the boulevard contains a sea park and a specialty park. If you are tired, you can sit in one of the parks to take a rest, and after you can try one of the three special walkways, named “Song,”(pine tree) “Jhu,” (bamboo) and “Mei,” (plum) that were erected between buildings. The boulevard has quickly become the most popular landmark in Sanxia’s university districtTaipei University Special District.
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