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Lujiao Creek Wetlands

Lujiao Creek Wetlands

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Updates : 2022-12-23

Travel tips

  • Let’s have an ecological tour through the wetlands
  • Ride a bicycle alone the Dahan Riverside Bikeway
  • The ecological pond full of blossom lotus in summer


Sized 16 ha, Lujiao Creek Wetlands were located at the convergence of Dahan River and its tributary Lujiao Creek, which was named after its antler-like shape. Formerly known as a landfill site, Lujiao Creek Wetlands were reconstructed by High Riverbank Construction Management Office, New Taipei City Government into manmade wetlands, where aquatic plants and natural purification methods were adopted to purify the water of Dahan River. This site is also the first on-site sewage treatment facility certified by the Environmental Protection Administration.

The kidney of Dahan River
Constructed based on the simulation of natural wetlands, Lujiao Creek Wetlands are located in the transition zone between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, allowing aquatic and terrestrial animals and amphibians to live. The urban sewage is filtered through the layers of the Wetlands’ ecological ponds, helping to ease river pollution, retain water and, in the case of heavy rainfall, regulate the water content of the land.

Low carbon ecological bike tour
Lujiao Creek Wetlands is crossed by Dahan Riverside Bikeway, making it an ideal destination for bike tour. The wetlands also provide animals a good habitat and restoration environment: There are hundreds of bird, insect, fishes, plant and amphibian species living in this area, turning it an ideal outdoor science and ecological classroom and a great leisure space. There are numerous fishes and organisms in the river that attract numerous birds to here. Besides, visitors can also see lots of lotus blossom in the “ecological pond area”. Let’s visit this secret spot now!
Lujiao River Manmade Wetlands
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