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Feitsui Reservoir

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Updates : 2023-06-15


The Feitsui Reservoir is a valuable resource. Located along Beishi River, a tributary of Xindian River, it provides Greater Taipei with water and electricity. With a catchment area of 303 kilometers squared it is Taiwan’s second largest reservoir, behind only Tsengwen. Surrounding the catchment area, meanwhile, is land rich in plant and animal life. No plant is more unique than the Rhododendron kanehirai, a species endemic to Taiwan. Every March it blooms, creating a beautiful scene reminiscent of a sea of flowers. For animals there areis the Formosan macaque and the Formosan blue magpie. There are also emerald green tree frogs that were discovered in the area. Those who want to understand the mystery of the reservoir can begin at the Water Resource Eco-education Center. The family oriented center has information on water resource conservation, reservoir ecology, and reservoir construction.
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