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Fishwatching Fern Walk

Fishwatching Fern Walk

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Updates : 2022-10-20

Travel tips

  • There are streams and tea gardens along the way. You can see fish in the streams.
  • The trail is a shared bicycle path. You can rent a bike and enjoy the scenery by biking as well.
  • The trail is partly shaded, making it easier to walk in summer.
  • The trail is flat and easy, suitable for all ages.


When visiting Pinglin Suspension Bridge, you will find a fish-watching trail on each side of the bridge. Pinglin Fish-watching Fern Walk connects with Beishi River Fish-watching Trail and Daiyuku River Fish-watching Trail. The total length is about 3.9 kilometers, making it the longest fish-watching trail in Taiwan. The trail passes through streams and tea gardens, with verdant mountains around and fish in the stream. The trail is flat and easy to walk on. From time to time, you can see schools of fish in the clear stream and waterbirds waiting around to prey.

Beishi River Trail

After crossing Pinglin Suspension Bridge, turn left and follow the path along Beishi River, which is called Beishi River Trail. Fish ladders have been put in the stream to facilitate their migration. With the dedicated effort of the District Office to close the stream from fishing and protect the fish, Beishi River Valley is now clear and pollution-free. You can enjoy the sight of Taiwan shovel-jaw carps and Taiwan chubs swimming in the stream, and waterbirds waiting to prey on the fish. During breeding season, on Pinglin Old Bridge, you can see baby egrets standing in the tree waiting to be fed.

Trail length: 1.8-km circular trail
Altitude: 181-199 meters
Pavement: cement road, grindstone, wooden boardwalk
Walking time: about 35 minutes

Daiyuku River Fish-watching Trail

Starting from Pinglin Suspension Bridge, after crossing the bridge, turn left and pass the Taipei Water Resource Zone Environmental Education Center, you will arrive at Daiyuku River Fish-watching Trail. The trail is shared bike path and footpath. With flowing streams and mountain scenery, the trail is flat and easy to walk on. Make a stop at the bridge to observe the fish through the transparent glass floor. Not only is it exciting and interesting, you can also enjoy the scenery right under your feet up-close. After Fude Temple, the trail becomes a bike path only going downstream.

Trail length:
1. From the Suspension Bridge to Dalin Bridge, the one-way distance is about 1.3 kilometers. Walking time is about 30 minutes.
2. The one-way distance is 7.6 kilometers from the Dunan Bridge entrance to the Qingyun Bridge endpoint. Walking time is 4-4.5 hours (turning around and taking the same way back).
Altitude: 177-260 meters
Pavement: brick road, wooden boardwalk, cement pavement, asphalt road

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