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Xinzhuang Sports Park

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Updates : 2021-06-09


The 22-hectare Xinzhuang Park, which some people refer to as New Taipei’s “central park,” is bordered by Anning Street, Gonglu Road, Hexing Street, and Fuxing Road. If you want to take a stroll you can cross the park’s forest path while admiring the many plants and trees, or you can sit and rest under the sun on the soft grass while chatting with friends or having a picnic. There is an observation tower where you can look out at the tree-covered mountains in the distance and take in the full beauty of the park, and a scenic lake where you can relax as you watch the sparrows fly by. For exercise there is a baseball field and a gymnasium, and professional baseball games are held at the park’s 10,000-seat stadium, which includes a baseball exhibition area. The park’s green space is also used for much more than sports, such as cultural events like the Xinzhuang Internationl Drum-Art Festival. It is a great place for the whole family to come and relax.
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