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Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Hall

Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Hall

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Updates : 2022-12-05

Travel tips

  • Adjacent to Jingtong Old Street and Jingtong Station that you can visit on the same day
  • The only environmentally friendly sky lantern in Taiwan that you can write on
  • LED light show is on hourly at round clock 16:00-19:00.


Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Hall in its unique shape is a landmark of Jingtong. The architecture features the sky lantern culture of Pingxi, integrating local landscape and skyline. The unique appearance is eye-catching. When the night falls, the brilliant LED light show is on, bringing vibrance to this quiet mountain town, like a sky lantern bearing wishes standing at the end of Jingtong Old Street, shining and blessing Pingxi.

Follow along City Highway 106 towards Muzha Shiding into Pingxi, this building in the small town of Jingtong is the first landmark that visitors will see. Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Hall is composed of 9-meter-high glass panels and nearly 200,000 LED lights. There are public toilets on the first floor, visitor service counters and restaurants on the second floor, and a viewing platform on the third floor, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.

Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Hall puts on an LED light show every hour at round clock from 4pm to 7pm on business days. In addition to showcasing the origin of the sky lanterns and the features of Pingxi, it also provides customized "LED Sky Lanterns" - visitors can write or paste their wishes and photos on the sky lantern postcards. Then, they can see their wishes rise into the sky on the main sky lantern at the plaza. This a completely different experience from flying traditional sky lanterns. The postcards can be taken home as souvenirs.



(1) Police Station: (02) 2495-1063
(2) Visitor Information Counter: (02) 2495-2358
[Opening Times]
(1) Police Station: 24 hours
(2) Visitor Information Counter and Vending Shop: Weekdays: 10:00–19:00 / Holidays: 10:00–20:00
(3) Police Wish Sky Lantern Show: Weekdays: 16:00-19:00/Holidays: 16:00-20:00
Police Wish Sky Lantern (LED Wish Sky Lantern)
Where to buy: The Pingxi Police Station
Launching frequency: 3 times an hour, 10 lanterns each time
Lunching fee: NT$150
[Launching Procedure]
Step 1: Make an appointment at the Police Sky Lantern vending place and arrive one hour in advance to draw the postcard.
Step 2: Hand over the completed postcards to the staff to scan them in the sky lantern.
Step 3: Go to the launching site at the appointed time to watch the launch.
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