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Keelung Mountain

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Updates : 2021-05-26
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Keelung Mountain is located in the northeastern part of Taiwan, under the Ruifang District administration of New Taipei City. It has an altitude of 588 meters, with third order triangulation station No. 1109 at its summit. It belongs to the Keelung Volcano Group, a mountain formed by intrusive extinct cinder cone volcano terrain.

As the mountain resembles a chicken coop from the direction of the ocean and Ruifang, it was once referred to as Chicken Coop Mountain (Keelung Mountain). Keelung Mountain towers alone, close to the Eastern Sea and overlooking Keelung Islet. It has always served as an important landmark for navigators.

During the Japanese occupation period, the Japanese authorities divided mining rights of the Jinguashi and Jiufen regions via the north-south ridge that passes through the peak of Keelung Mountain. This was how the unlikely situation of two neighboring gold production areas ending up looking completely different in appearance came about.

As the geological composition of Keelung Mountain does not contain gold ore, it has remained blissfully intact and free from the dire fate of excavation. There is a scenic hiking trail on Keelung Mountain, which leads right to the summit. The scenery is dazzling along the way, with constantly changing views along the various altitudes. Those who are traveling by bus can disembark one station after Jiufen's Jiudaokou, at Geding to see the start of the Keelung Mountain Hiking Trail.

As strong winds assault Keelung Mountain year round, silvergrass has become a dominant plant in the region because it is difficult for trees to grow. Each autumn, the mountain is covered with tan silvergrass blossoms, transforming it into a magnificent mountain of gold. Keelung Mountain is also listed in Top 100: Hot Mountain of Taiwan, as it is a place that those who enjoy hiking have to visit.

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