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Keelung Mountain Hiking Trail

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Updates : 2019-02-20


The Keelung Mountain Hiking Trail is the best trail for visitors who intend to climb Keelung Mountain from the Shuinandong, Jinguashi and Jiufen areas, as it leads right to the summit. Climbing up from the trail entrance, you pass three pagodas. There will be a stone marker at 560 meters, with "Boundary between Yan, Yun-nian and Su, Wei-ren's properties" written on it, right before the summit. Press on and you will reach the summit at 588 meters above sea level, with a recreational pavilion and platform. The vertical distance climbed from the entrance to summit is 267 meters in high. Fit hikers may reach the summit, while the general public will take about an hour, with appropriate breaks recommended.As Keelung Mountain faces direct assault of ocean winds, the strong winds and hugely variable weather makes it difficult for trees to grow. Silvergrass and other herbaceous plants have become dominant in this region. They provide no shade, so hikers should remember to bring sun screen, windproof clothing, water, and rain gear for their own safety. The scenery is gorgeous from the top of the mountain. Towards the northeast is the Bitoujiao Lighthouse and Yinyan Sea. To the north is the vast Eastern Sea. To the north west are sights such as Keelung Islet, XIehe Power Plant, and Heping Island. To the west, Shenao Mountain and Ruifang are visible, along with the Taipei 101 building and Taipei City extending behind these mountain ranges. A clear view of the mountainous town of Jiufen is also possible as you look from south to east. With the summit of Keelung Mountain as a center point, one can see almost everything for a radius of 10 kilometers around. In terms of the flora present, silvergrass is the predominant plant here.
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