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Updates : 2022-11-16


BangKengKou is another name for "tunnel entrance". However, the tunnels which this term refers to mainly consist of tunnels used for the passage of vehicles, and not the entrance of mines. There are several tunnels that allow vehicle passage in the Shuinandong, Jiufen, and Jinguashi area, all of which are related to the light railway.

At the height of the Jiufen "goldrush" in the past, traditional transportation methods using manual labor on Shuqi and Baojia roads proved to be inadequate, so Guo-nian Yan formed the "Ruifang Light-Rail Company" and laid down the "Ruifang Light Rail Jinguashi line". The route was 6 km long in total. Construction completed and operation began in November 1931.

This railway served as a route of communication between Ruifang, Jiufen, and Jinguashi. Not long after its completion, this railway was merged by the "Keelung Light Rail" (Keelung Light-Rail Company) and it became the main transportation method Jiufen used to maintain outside contact. This gave a marked boost to the speed at which stock was replenished and products sold, transforming Ruifang into a vital logistics hub for Jiufen. This section of the railway is located between the start and end of the transport cage route. As the angle of the railway was too steep, transport cages were once used to pull the cars up for fear that they might slip otherwise.

This light rail passes through three tunnel entrances, including one each on the Liulangjiao Scenic Trail, Jiufen Mountain, and Keelung Mountain. However, the third tunnel entrance lies in a fault zone where sandstone and andesite meet, so it has been sealed off due to the frequency of falling rocks.

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