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Jinguashi Geological Park

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Updates : 2021-09-27


Jinguashi Geological Park has two entrances, one located on the north end and on the south end of the park - the north gate can be reached from climbing the steps in front of the mining tunnel located in Gold Ecological Park, while the south gate can be reached by CaoShan Road, walking for a few minutes past the signs for the entrance to Diaoshan Trail and CanGuangLiao Path.Jinguashi Geological Park is located at the original Benshan Tunnel. Benshan is what was once called the Great Pumpkin (DaJingua) Mountain. Legend has it that during the era of Liu Mingchuan, a Chinese worker discovered gold at the Great Pumpkin, bringing forth the start of the gold rush and prosperity to its surrounding villages. The rocks terrain at the mining site have since been flattened and planned as an area of the geological park.The stone steps on the trail to the park have been modified to be suitable for climbing. On both sides of the trail, visitors can observe the many unique plants of Jinguashi - Flying Spider-monkey Tree Fern" being a very common specie in the region (Taiwan is known as fern country). Walking on the narrow path in the mountain valley, one can hear the soothing sounds made by the wavering silver grass. As the season changes, so does unique scenery of Jinguashi.Surrounding the platform by the entrance to Jinguashi Geological Park, there are various signs explaining the geological information about the region - everything from identifying its various rock formations, the different type mining tools used here, to topics as complex as metamorphism. The park generates a myriad of auras with the changing of the weather.
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