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Cyuanji Temple

Cyuanji Temple

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Updates : 2022-08-20


The centuries old “Cyunji temple” worships the Holy Ruler Deity Guan, guardian of Jingguashi. There are three temple treasures to behold. The first is the 35 feet high, 25 –ton largest bronze statue of Guanyu in Southeast Asia. Facing the ocean and back towards the mountains, even the Spring and Autumn Annals held on its left hand is 5 feet tall. The second is a national treasure pair of stone pillars with flora, bird and figure, formed with 3D carvings. The temple went as far to protect it with acrylic. The third is the golden Holy Ruler Deity Guan figure, brought overseas part by part from Tangshan during the early China days, rarely seen around Taiwan.

Ascend up the stone steps beside Cyunji temple, and one can see BaoShi Mountain from beside the Cyunji temple parking lot. Walk along the pavilion on the wooden walkways to overlook Teapot mountain, Yinyang sea and the Remains of 13 Level. It is a place of magnificent scenery and a chance to photograph the entire Jingguashi.

Cyunji temple boasts the largest Guanyu holy figure in Southeast Asia, it is breathtaking and weighing over 25-tons!
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