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Liulang Road Scenic Trail

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Updates : 2023-03-23


The Liulang Road Scenic Trail is one of the busiest tourist routes in the Shuinandong/Jinguashi/Jiufen region. The name "Liulang" originates from the term "liu-long", which is a local slang for gondola lifts. In the past, traffic problems in Jiufen led to the construction of a light rail connecting Ruifang to Jinguashi, but a stretch of terrain that became Liulang Road of today proved too steep for rail construction, so a gondola was built to transport passengers between the light rail stations.In principle, the Liulang Road Scenic Trail follows the original route of the light trail and gondola. The cliffs en route consist mainly of tough rocks. These rocks house gold urns containing the remains of past gold miners. During the height of the gold rush, there were many who passed away due to illness or poverty in this region; the poor souls who died with no contact to their family and little money were all cremated and put in these golden urns. Locals carved out tiny holes in the cliffs in the hopes that one day these urns would be collected by the family of the deceased. This phenomenon became known as "gold-send" and is now a unique attraction in the region.The winding trail that never seems to end, carried by the ever-changing scenery of mountain hills and the blue sea, is what keeps hikers coming back for more to Liulang Road. There is an observational platform along the trail where visitor can enjoy the magnificent views of Jilong Mountain, Ruibin and Houtong. It is also the perfect spot to watch the sun set into the mountains.
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