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Jinguashi ZhaoRi Pavilion

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Updates : 2019-02-20


The ZhaoRi Pavilion is located directly north of the Cyuanji Temple; after arriving at the temple by car or bus and walking 250m up the road, visitors can find a large parking lot.On the roadside stands alone wooden post with three signs pointing to three different directions; one reads "BaoShi Mountain 200m", while the sign pointing to the opposite direction reads "Gold Ecological Park 850m", and the sign perpendicular to them says "Teapot Mountain 3500m". Visitors can find the ZhaoRi Pavilion on the first platform of the wooden steps leading to BaoShi Mountain; the pavilion serves as a rest area between these three aforementioned tourist sites.BaoShi Mountain is a tiny mountain peak - its name originated during the Japanese occupation when large air raid sirens were installed on the mountain; the alarms went off in regular intervals, hence the name BaoShi Mountain. Locals also call it Shuiluoshan.The pavilion was constructed with private funding of Hsu Chaobao in 1996 - boasting an innovative frame of a red hexagon and columns that mimic tree trunks. On these columns there are Duilians written by Mr. Wu Tiansong. Visitors can enjoy the summer breeze at the pavilion or use it to hide themselves from the occasional afternoon shower. It is conveniently located within walking distance from the two viewing platforms on BaoShi Mountain. Walking along the boardwalk for some minutes, visitors will reach the southern viewing platform, while the northern platforms marks the end of the boardwalk not far up ahead.
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