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Old Caoling (Railway) Tunnel

Old Caoling (Railway) Tunnel

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Updates : 2024-01-22

Travel tips

  • Riding a bicycle in the tunnel on the branch railway line
  • Listen to the classic Taiwanese folk song “Diu Diu Don-Ah” (“Clicking Coins”)
  • Cross over New Taipei City and Yilan City with a stunning view of Turtle island at its southern entrance
  • “The making of a natural stronghold” and “Where white clouds fly” carved above the tunnel
  • Known as one of Taiwan’s top 100 historical architecture


The Old Caoling Tunnel that crosses over Fulong of New Taipei City and Shihcheng of Yilan City was known as a key railway infrastructure of TRA’s (Taiwan Railways Administration) Yilan branch line. When it was launched in 1924, it was the longest railway tunnel – with a total length of 2,167 m – in Southeast Asia and was responsible for the transportation between Taipei and Yilan. To remember the hardships during the construction period, the words “Where the white clouds fly” and “The making of a natural stronghold” and “Where white clouds fly” are carved above the south and north entrances of Old Caoling Tunnel respectively. Old Caoling Tunnel was closed after TRA launched dual-track railways and electrification. In 2008, the Tunnel was reopened as a bikeway.

The inspiration of the folk song “Diu Diu Don-Ah”
“The trains goes into the tunnel, inside which…” This classic Taiwanese folk song was created with the inspiration of train passing through Old Caoling Tunnel. Oriented to the concept of “Railway Museum”, the newly opened Old Caoling Tunnel is designed with a pavement in the pattern of railway track and has adopted retro oil lamp shade for th lighting to create the image of railway. Together with the train sound effect, visitors will feel great fun when riding a bicycle through the cool railway tunnel.
Old Caoling (Railway) Tunnel

A circular bikeway
As northern Taiwan’s first bikeway transformed from a railway tunnel, the Old Caoling Tunnel is open to visitors to walk or riding a bicycle through it in weekdays; and is only open to cyclists on the weekends. As a part of the circular bikeway, the Old Caoling Tunnel bikeway starts from Fulong Station, passes through the tunnel and then leads to the stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and Turtle Island. By continuing the route along the coast, visitors will pass through Lailai Geological Zone, Sandiaojiao (Sandiaoling) Lighthouse, Maoao Fishing Village and then reach Fulong. For visitors who want to chase the wind on a bike, this 20-lkm-long bikeway is definitely the first choice.
Old Caoling (Railway) Tunnel
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