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Old Caoling Tunnel

Old Caoling Tunnel

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Updates : 2020-04-07


The “Old Caoling Tunnel” is about 2.167km long. It is the first railway tunnel that has been remodeled into a bike tunnel in Taiwan. As the Old Caoling Tunnel lies next to the New Caoling Tunnel, when the train passes by, visitors can hear the engines rumble and this has attracted countless “railway fans”. The “Old Caoling Tunnel” is designed in the concept of a “railway museum”. The bikeway surface inside the tunnel is paved in the style of a track to depict the railway image. Inside the tunnels, lamps are equipped with oil lamp shades to create a vintage atmosphere. When cycling across the “Old Caoling Tunnel” in the company of the sound of trains, it was like riding in a cool tunnel of a railway branch, interesting and vintage. There are some installation artworks at the entrance, making the tunnel a bike tunnel fused with culture, history and tourism.

Please note that only bicycles can enter the “Old Caoling Tunnel” on holidays because of the crowds.
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