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Cloud Gate Theater

Cloud Gate Theater

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Updates : 2022-12-05


The “Cloud Gate Theatre” is the rehearsal and performance grounds of the internationally renowned “Cloud Gate Dance Company” of Taiwan. Besides enjoying shows, periodic park introduction service is offered ( https://goo.gl/ZQo2Ev ). In addition, there are many stunning installation arts, such as the world-renowned works of “Nativist”, “Taichi” and “Living World” series by Master Sculptor Ju Ming. The Tree House bookstore in the park sells books and coffee, and one could purchase books and choose from cultural arts products featuring a dancer’s way of life developed uniquely by Cloud Gate or taste the restaurants’ signature hand-dripped coffee or exclusively brewed sunlight beer. If feeling hungry, try the delicious “Taiwan xiaolongbao” and the “world no.1 oolong milk tea with tapioca” at the Whisper of Flowers restaurant beside the lily pond, and while away an afternoon in artistry and leisure.

The Cloud Gate Theatre main building is remarkable, with light green glass curtains reflecting the tall surrounding trees. It is not only tasteful but also eco-friendly. Suggest including both the green saturated windows along with the blue sky in picture.
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