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Shuangxi Ferry Pier

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During the Qing Dynasty, the ferry port was a significant checkpoint on the Danlan Ancient Trail, where bulk cargos and passenger boats all follow Shuangxi for transportation to the marine outfall of Jioushe. Then, they transfer to a sail boat bound for various other places. For the return trip, small ships are used to transfer daily supplies up the stream to Dingshuangxi. Due to the convenience of the ferry port on Changan Street, Shuangxi was able to become a bustling town with many stores. There were all types of stores on Changan Street during the heyday including cinemas, Chinese herb stores, rice stores, fabric stores, even hotels and shoe stores, etc. Although, it is not as prosperous as the old days, it has an additional rural tranquility, making it an ideal place to take photos and relax.
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