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Shuangxi Ferry Pier

Shuangxi Ferry Pier

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Updates : 2022-12-05

Travel tips

  • Located at the end of Changan Street in Shuangxi, you can shop in the old streets and admire the century-old historical buildings.
  • You can overlook the confluence of Pinglin River and Mudan River.
  • An important gateway to the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail during Qing Dynasty.


Shuangxi Ferry Dock is located at the end of Changan Street, with the sight of the confluence of Pinglin River and Mudan River. It was an important gateway to Tamsui-Kavalan Trail in Qing Dynasty, providing water transportation and making Shuangxi a prosperous town. However, after the construction of railways and highways, the ferry dock gradually declined. Only the century-old stone houses remained as witnesses of the glory of the past.


Shuangxi Ferry Dock was used for cargo transfer on Tamsui-Kavalan Trail in the old days. Bulk cargo and passenger boats were transported along Shuang River (Shuangxi) to Jiushe at the estuary, and then to other places by sail boats. On the return trip, small boats carried daily necessities back to upstream Shuang River. As the hub, the ferry dock at Changan Old Street made Shuangxi a busy town full of merchants. In its heyday, there were various shops on Changan Street, including theaters, Chinese medicine shops, rice shops, fabric shops, hotels, and shoe shops. The glory is no more but now you can find serenity in this small mountain town. Visitors can go through the alleys, take pictures, and enjoy the scenery.

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