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Buyen Pavilion

Buyen Pavilion

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Updates : 2022-08-08


Buyen Pavilion is located at the intersection on Shuangxi and Jiufen on Provincial Highway No. 102. The pavilion was named by former township mayor Mr. Chien Hua-hsiang who cited from the poem saying "Never tired of looking at each other" by Li Bai, because you can see the whole view of Shuangxi District on one side and Rueifang on the other side.

You can see the blue ocean water far away when the weather condition is nice, or even the sea of clouds in particular moments. Such extraordinary scenes live up to the name of "Buyen (meaning never tired) Pavilion". Shuangxi is a remarkable place with outstanding people. It has a mountain that resembles a knife handle connected to its blade in which local people call it "Caidaolun (meaning Kitchen Knife Mountain)".

If you look carefully to the distance, a mountain that resembles a flying bat is nearby Shuangxi Elementary School. Also, one of the eight famous sites of Sandiaoling, known as the "Spring Colors on the Mountain of Sandiaoling", is also located in the distance. Facing towards Keelung, a small pavilion can been seen on the distant mountain ridge.

That is the famous "Mountain of Pregnant Beauty". What is also interesting is that, this place happens to be the end of Shuangxi section of Provincial Highway No. 102 and if you walk a few steps, you will enter Jiufen. All these great views can only be seen at Buyen Pavilion.
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