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New Taipei City Travel

Queen Town

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Updates : 2018-08-06


Located at the mountainous area of Zhulun Village, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, it has is a 5.8-hectare blessed land with green mountains, small creeks and rich soil. It is surrounded by the crystal clear Zhukeng River and the great sceneries of the mountains. French cuisines, garden scenic seats, riverside seats, a swimming pool and camping areas are provided in the park. Roaming in the green mountains and the clear waters, it makes one want to leisurely enjoy their vacation. After arriving at Queen Town, visitors just cannot help but relax themselves and get rid of their disturbing daily chores. This spacious park is filled with green spaces. Besides the natural original landscapes of mountains, meadows, forest trails and rivers, swimming pool, bakery, restaurants and camping area are also available. Due to its abundant sceneries and facilities, numerous idol dramas such as "Knock Knock Loving You", "My Lucky Star" and "Love You/While We Were Drunk", which was released in 2011, were shot here. This is a perfectly romantic place with shining stars.
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