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Fu Jen Catholic University

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Updates : 2022-08-17


Classic architectural masterpieces are abound in Fu Jen Catholic University, with each one featuring unique name and style (such as symbols, oracle bone script or motifs of dragon and phoenix), hence it is praised as an “architectural museum”. Inscriptions on some of the buildings were written by eminent writers. The fusion of contemporary and classical architectural elements emanates distinctive styles such as Romanesque architecture, Baroque architecture and Chinese red brick architecture. Unique designs include: pedestrian bridge, ancient wall décor, three-room building, three-section compound, stained glass, skylight garden, interior/exterior murals and plum blossom shaped classroom. All subsequent new buildings on campus will be constructed with organic architecture in mind. Most classrooms are fitted with pews and crucifixes, thus the campus emanates rich Catholic ambiance. There is a wide range of popular delicacies on campus, including FJCU’s proprietary ice cream, pineapple bun and so on.
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