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Zhongxiao Wharf

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Updates : 2020-10-25


Zhongxiao Wharf is located approximately 300 m downstream of Zhongxiao Bridge on Tamsui River (Sanchong District of New Taipei City), opposite the Dadaocheng Wharf in Taipei City across the riverbank. Since the wharf is situated on the estuary of the river, it adopts a floating design, which automatically adjusts the height between the wharf and embankment depending on the tidal range of the river so that boats docking and passengers embarking/disembarking the boat will not be affected by the tide. The main characteristic of the wharf are the 8 vibrantly colored mooring bollards featuring wild duck-shaped wind gauges to complement the theme of Hua-Jiang Wild Duck Nature Park nearby. In recent years, it has become a popular destination for photography enthusiasts to capture the splendid view of the sunset.
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