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Houtong Cat Bridge

Houtong Cat Bridge

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Updates : 2021-05-28
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The Cat Bridge was originally a pedestrian bridge for local residents after the construction of Houtong Train Station in 1970. After the place became famous as "Cat Village" in 2009, increasing tourists have relied on the pedestrian bridge of the train station to proceed to the Cat Village and Houtong Coal Mine Ecological Park. Due to the response from local residents that the pedestrian bridge was too old and narrow, New Taipei City Government decided to renovate the bridge and started the renovation construction project of the "Pedestrian Bridge between Houtong Train Station and the Cat Village" from 2012. By taking local residents' suggestions as references, the new bridge added features of the Cat Village by combining the images of local coal mines, cats and tunnels to create a one and only "Cat Bridge". Inside the bridge, trails, photos and illustrations of cats can be seen and platforms for cats to pass and jump were also added. In 2013, it won the recognition of the Public Construction Golden Quality Award.

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