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Bok Su Lao

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Updates : 2023-06-14


The “Bok Su Lao” is featured with its red brick exterior, slanted rooftops, corridors and tall steps. It is known as the “Pastor House” because two pastors use to reside here. Walking into this historical garden wafting with artistry and coffee, one can enjoy not only the century old red brick domed corridors, but also lush green campus scenes along with sips of coffee. In addition, creative arts products and coffee beans are being sold on the side, and the unique local “Bok Su Lao” coffee bean can be bought as souvenirs. Take a look at the aged and extremely valuable coffee machine, and bring along a few Bok Su Lao” hand drawn postcards” for souvenirs.

The “Bok Su Lao” was built in 1909, the characteristic domed corridors in red bricks appear even more charming set off by the surrounding green trees.

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