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Tamsui Fisherman’s Stage

Tamsui Fisherman’s Stage

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Updates : 2022-12-05


From May to September of 2016, the “Fisherman’s Wharf” established the first harbor livehouse in Taiwan, the “Fisherman’s Stage”as the cradle for nurturing original music. This is done by means of periodic performances and long-term operation, creation and publication, exchanging and sharing to generate more excellent works of music. With its naturally given beauty of the sunset, surrounded by ocean views and breeze, there have already been more than 85 groups of original bands performing as of summer 2016 in Tamsui, offering a brand new music experience for numerous visitors both domestic and abroad. The 2017 performances are also closely underway, of which the latest updates can be found on the official fan page announcement (https://goo.gl/t6pxmT). Tamsui “Fisherman’s Stage” is everything about music, sunset, beer and fish. Here one can blow in the gentle ocean breeze and experience the joyful atmosphere mingled by music, sunset and cuisine.

Every Friday and Saturday night at Fisherman’s Stage from May to September of 2016, independent bands such as Matzka, Quarterback and others took turns performing and having fun with visitors. It is a new spot for music, ocean wind and relaxation.

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