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Tea Town Osmanthus Farm

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Updates : 2023-08-21


“Tea Town Osmanthus Farm” is the largest osmanthus ecological farm in Taiwan, with October ~ April of every year being the osmanthus season, one may admire fluttering butterflies in the spring, observe fireflies lighting up flowers and grasses in the summer, and then enjoy watching osmanthus flourish in autumn and winter, it is worth for a tour indeed. The farm provides characteristic dishes which are prepared using “osmanthus”, including signature cuisines such as osmanthus chicken marinated with wine, tea oil handmade vermicelli, and osmanthus pork knuckles, …etc.; there are also osmanthus stews, osmanthus handmade biscuits for souvenirs.

“Tea Town Osmanthus Farm” provides tea-brewing service. Many tourists love coming here to admire the beauty of the mountain woods while savoring quality teas and desserts, to spend a leisurely afternoon teatime.

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