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New Taipei City Military Cemetery(Arms Park)

New Taipei City Military Cemetery(Arms Park)

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Updates : 2022-12-05


The New Taipei Military Shrine of Honor was named the Military Cemetery. Situated on the sunny side of New Taipei City Shulin district Datong Mountain and standing at 5.6 hectares. The shrine was finished on July 1959, in honor of soldiers and veterans who passed away during service. The original cemetery has been in use for over 20 years, with cruder construction of earlier architectural works and failing facilities. The burial chambers were also in shortage. Thus the site was re-established on the original grounds in 1982, completed on March 1984 and by order renamed the " New Taipei Military Shrine of Honor" and reinstituted as the "New Taipei City Military Shrine of Honor" after administrative restructuring with ceremonies every spring and fall. Militants in service and deceased due to combat, business, illness accidents or volunteer enrollments decommissioned according to law may be settled in the shrine by will of surviving family members applying to New Taipei City Government.
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