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Jiufen Visitor Center

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Updates : 2021-06-30


Jiufen Visitor Center is located on the east wing of Jiufen Police Station, visitors may get off at “Jiufen Police Station” bus stop, and then take a few steps of walk before arriving here. The competent authority for our visitor center is the Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government; the ground floor is the visitor reception area, while the second floor is the office area, which is not open to the public.

The visitor center building is fairly modernized, simple and clean; the ground floor applied glasses inlayed between square columns to form the walls, and the transparent field of view encourages visitors to step inside for a visit. Floors on the ground floor used washed granolithic finish to create an image of being in the ore area. Wooden benches are provided on the outside of the glass walls and inside the reception area for visitors to take breaks.

We suggest that first-time visitors to the Shuei-Jin-Jiou regions stop by the visitor center first in order to save a lot of time by avoiding unnecessary trips, and to have access to valuable info and knowledge on the overall conditions of the Shuei-Jin-Jiou regions in advance. The information station personnel will do their best in the shortest time possible to offer assistance for other visitor situations such as having no idea where the tourist attractions are, don’t know how to get there, inquiry on bus timetable, the opening dates and times for the various park areas, as well as various miscellaneous issues.

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