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Shimen Wedding Plaza

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Updates : 2022-06-06


"Shimen Wedding Plaza" is Taiwan's first wedding square and officially opened to the public on March 9, 2008.

It's located at 24k, Provincial Highway No.2, Shimen District, the seashore right in front of the New Shibawang Gong Temple (the Temple of the 18 Kings). The Department of Information and Tourism of New Taipei City continues the activity upsurge of the "Northern Coast for Wedding-photo shoots" held in 2005, and established the place as a regular tourist attraction in the northern coast area. With the investment of more than NT$ 8 million, the iron-house food stall area was transformed into Taiwan's first wedding square for tourists to take photos.

The newly emerging destination combining fashion, landscape and recreation - Happy Shimen, a Mediterranean style architecture painted in white. This, plus the spotless bell tower corridor responding to the sky and ocean in the northern coast creates the natural landscape of the blue sky and Azure Ocean, is a place where people feel like visiting the coast of Greece, a revelation of a romantic atmosphere.

The Shimen Wedding Plaza is a romantic attraction exclusively created for newlyweds. The plaza faces the ocean and has a wall with a bell tower responding to the concept of Greece architecture, columns, flower-rack decorated corridors and the tone of blue and white demonstrate the atmosphere in a rich Greece style. Without going abroad, our fellow countrymen can take romantic photos filled with exotic sensations.

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