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Art Bronze Sculpture of MacKay

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Updates : 2023-10-06


The "Art Bronze Sculpture of MacKay" is located at the rear side of Tamsui Post Office on the riverside, the place where Priest MacKay arrived in Taiwan. The bronze sculpture demonstrates the arrival of MacKay. Dr. MacKay knelt on the ground praying with a Bible in his hand, and next to him is the boat he travelled in. Starting from the art sculpture situated at MacKay's arrival point, there are places to visit, such as the Tamsui Church nearby where Dr. MacKay stayed and preached and the Hobe MacKay Hospital that is adjacent to the church. Beside it is the Oxford College founded by Dr. MacKay which is located inside the campus of Aletheia University and provides education to single and married women. The Girl's School is located inside the campus of Tamkang Senior High School, where MacKay's tomb is also located.

There are still many remaining historical buildings associated with Dr. MacKay; starting from the point where MacKay arrived Taiwan, then connecting to MacKay Street towards Tamkang Senior High School and Aletheia University, visitors along the "road of MacKay" can trace back the love contributed by Dr. MacKay a hundred years ago.
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