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Shiding Wulu Fortune Temple

Shiding Wulu Fortune Temple

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Wulu Fortune Temple is a pure Taoist temple, people visit Wulu Fortune Temple, and mainly for prayers of wealth; because it faces Jinbaoshan, which looks like an ingot, it makes the temple particularly popular. In addition, even the golden furnace for burning joss paper, the incense burner for the incense, and the

Treasure bowl for praying for wealth are also shaped like ingots that symbolize the accumulation of wealth. It can be said that the Wulu Fortune Temple in northern Taiwan has wealth and extravagance.

The architectural features of Shiding’s “Wulu Fortune Temple” are splendid, with the ingots as far as the eye can see, the pillars, the golden furnace and the decoration are the patterns of ingots. Here, there are the five gods of wealth, Zhao Gongming, Zhaocai Shizhe, Jinbao Tianzun, Nazhen Tianzun, and Lishi Xianguan, whether you are seeking fortune or a little business on the side. Come visit when New Year rolls around, you can feel the glory of the golden, not only fortune but also the holiday spirit. If you want a "wealth ingot" we got you covered, as long as you see the "self-service" straw roll-out of the Holy Grail, you can register your personal information at the God table, and get your own wealth ingot. In addition, you can exchange some lucky money with Huye. At the end, it is recommended to go to Shenkeng Old Street to try out some tofu dishes such as fried stinky tofu, braised tofu, and tofu ice cream.

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