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Baoshi Mountain

Baoshi Mountain

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Updates : 2023-10-11


“Baoshi Mountain", also known as Shuilu Mountain, is 260 meters above sea level. It is said that it was named after the alarm that was setup during the Japanese occupation. The Cost-performance ratio of this trail is extremely high; it is not only easy to walk, but also with the landscape of first class! The "Asahi Pavilion" is a good place to watch sunrise. The viewing platform also has a 360-degree unrivaled view of the landscape, including Keelung Mountain, Teapot Mountain, Yinyang Sea, the remains of the 13 levels, Jinguashi, the Jinshui Highway, etc. The expanse of mountain ranges and ocean views can be seen all at once. If you go during autumn, you can see a sea of flowers swaying like the waves. It is also worth mentioning that there is also a secret scenic spot, the “Mining Railway” that is loved by photographers. As long as you are facing the direction of Yinyang Sea with your back on to the lens, you can get some creative photos; the finished products are quite eye-catching!
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