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Xiao Cukeng Ecological Gallery

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“Xiao Cukeng Ecological Gallery" trail is a flat ecological trail suitable for parenting or cycling, running alongside Xindian River. Because the entire road is paved, the road surface is relatively flat, and there are shades on both sides, so it is very suitable for children to tag along. The trail retains a large portion of primal ecology. Because of the large number of flowers and plants that are preferred by butterflies, such as Impatiens walleriana Hook. f, Bidens pilosa var. radiata etc., it always attracts butterflies and became a famous butterfly viewing spot in the suburbs of Taipei. It is also a well-known bird watching attraction. Not only can you hear birds singing or see birds in the sky, you can also see waterfowls gliding along the water surface on the Xindian River. It is an excellent spot for doing eco-tourism while hiking and working out at the same time. In addition, it is home to the Xiao Cukeng power plant with a history of nearly a hundred years with a Baroque architectural style. Although it is not open to visitors, it is still a good pick for taking pictures.
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