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Laomei Maze

Laomei Maze

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Updates : 2023-07-14


Hidden in the Fuguijiao Park on the north coast, there is a special attraction, "Laomei Maze" is piping hot on social platforms. The brick wall alternates into a curved and complicated walkway. This novel and interesting design enthralled many tourists. Although the whole labyrinth is not big, because it is located on a big grass plain, plus the look of a mysterious totem, it almost feels like an alien ruins, good for pictures and fun, a must visit to the North Coast. If you want to take a panoramic view of the maze, it is recommended to climb the slope, and you can see the staggered and irregular maze in its entirety.

Laomei Maze is a perfect pick for many photograph enthusiasts. Not only can you experience the fun of walking among the ruins, but you can also ride on the wall and try out different poses for the perfect photo.
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