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New Shibawanggong Temple

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Updates : 2022-07-27


In the era when “Café de Coral" and "Mark Six Lottery" were still popular, the "Shibawanggong Temple" demonstrated its luck at that time, attracting all the players from across Taiwan, with pilgrims still till this day. The main worship here is the "eighteenth loyal dog Wang Gong ". It is rumored that the eighteen Wang Gong was killed when they went out to sea. Therefore, please remember to use hot food for them to shake off the cold when worshipping. It is worth mentioning that Wang Gong’s image is not only open to touching and prayers, but also has different meanings for different parts. For example, “Touch the dog’s head to live in a mansion, touch the dog’s body for wealth, touch the dog’s mouth for fortune, and touch the dog’s tail for a partner. Touch the dog's belly for a good journey, touch the dog's ear to make money, and touch the dog's foot for gold and silver.” If you are hungry, you can also go to the nearby "Liu Family Zongzi" opposite from the Shimen Wedding Square for some hot food.

The most famous of the Shibawanggong Temple is the 18th loyal dog Wang Gong, like the Taiwanese version of Hachiko. Outside the new temple, a 30 meters high bronze statue of a huge Black Dragon Dog of Justice of is set up, very spectacular.

The eighteen Wang Gong often manifested their blessings to help the people, and even guided ships to and from the sea. As a result, foreign fishermen coming to worship, bringing prestige. In 1986, due to the large number people and vehicles from daily visits, it was feared that nuclear power plant No.1 and traffic safety would be affected. A new temple was to be built at No. 52 Pinglin, Maolin Village after the moon block was casted, which was completed in 1994.
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