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Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail

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Updates : 2023-11-06


The total length of the "Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail" is 2.71km. Because of its easy accessibility and a variety of surroundings, the trail has become one of the popular mountain hiking trails. Visitors exit the Sandiaoling Station and walk along the small path along the railway to the old site of the Shouren Elementary School, and the entrance of the mountain hiking trail is right above. Walking along the way, visitors will pass by the three-overlapping waterfalls, including Hegu Waterfall, which has the largest drop and flow of water as well as the Motian Waterfall, which has upper and lower layers (also called Yuemei Waterfall), and Pipadong Waterfall. Visitors can spend a great time to their full content observing landscapes including the magnificent waterfall group, cliffs, potholes and stone caves.


【Recommended Route】
Shouren Elementary School→Hegu Waterfall Observatory Platform→Rope Suspension Bridge→Motian Waterfall→Pipadong Waterfall→The end of the trail(Return Point)
【Scenic Spots Nearby】
Houtong, Mt. Wufenliao, Shouren Elementary School (The starting point of the Sandiaolin Waterfalls Trail is in front of Shouren Elementary School)
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