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Tamsui Chongjian Street

Tamsui Chongjian Street

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Updates : 2022-12-21

Travel tips

  • Visit the first-ever commercial street in Tamsui, the “authentic” Tamsui Old Street
  • Observe Mount Guanyin from the Fuyou Palace with Door God Qianliyan [thousand-mile-eyes]
  • Seek out treasures in the periodically-held Stairs Market
  • Bathe in the old-school ambience found in the “Alley of Love”
  • Take in the vivid displays of Tamsui’s history and culture among the painted walls


Tamsui Chongjian Street is the first commercial street in Tamsui. Many well-known figures from Tamsui's political, financial, and educational circles have all lived here for generations. Originally, Tamsui Chongjian Street was a historical street that stretched out for five to six hundred meters. A district built along the mountain stairs, this was the main street during the old days of Hobe Street, when it flourished from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. For tourists seeking to get a taste of what the Tamsui mountain town has to offer, this street is the best place to visit.
Tamsui’s Chongjian Street

The authentic Tamsui Old Street
While to the public, the tourist-filled Tamsui Zhongzheng Road has always been the authentic Tamsui Old Street, Tamsui Chongjian Street, located directly behind Fuyou Palace on Zhongzheng Road, is the real Tamsui “Old” Street. Originally called Nine Valley Street, in reference to the nine shops opened here by Fujian immigrants, Tamsui Chongjian Street has a history of more than 200 years as the earliest commercial street developed in Tamsui. Although it is only one temple-width away from the hustling and bustling Zhongzheng Road, it exudes elegance and calm. While slowly ascending the flagstone walkway, century-old residential houses along the street can be seen as they rise steadily in accordance with the slope.
Tamsui’s Chongjian Street

A poetic and picturesque mountain town along the riverbank
With the transition of its commercial identity, Tamsui Chongjian Street has now become an emerging cultural attraction. It is now a place where you can experience the stories of Tamsui's past among quaint old houses and vivid murals; where you can go on an old-fashioned date in the Alley of Love just as doctor-writer Wang Changxiong and artist Lin Yuzhu once did; where you can pose with the door god Qianliyan of Fuyou Palace, and observe the picturesque scenery and poetic beauty of Tamsui River and Mount Guanyin; and where you can come and compose the lyrics to your own poem, just as Wang Changxiong once did.
Tamsui’s Chongjian Street
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