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Xindian River Sunshine Bridge

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Updates : 2022-09-14


Sunshine Bridge is New Taipei City’s first river-crossing scenic bridge that is people-oriented and offers a stylish look, as well as pedestrian and cycling routes with nighttime light sculpture. The Bridge was officially opened to traffic on November 19th, 2011, breaking Taiwan’s record as the steel bridge with the largest span. There are no bridge piers in the river; the span extends over 245m, and the length of the bridge is 315m. It is a single stiffener arch steel deck cable arch suspension bridge, whose bridge deck is supported by musical string-like wire ropes and five arch circles, accentuating the grace and beauty of Sunshine Bridge. The Bridge was also recognized with the 13th National Golden Award for Architecture.

Xindian District Sunshine Bridge was previously Xindian Zhongan Temporary Bridge. The City Government reconstructed the bridge to be a scenic bridge of s long span and highly effective flood control. It is now serving as a connecting bridge exclusively for the pedestrians and bikes crossing between Xindian River’s Laiyin Park on the right bank and Sunshine Sports Park on the left bank. The bridge deck is in an arch shape that directly connects the Ankeng end with Tangquan Pedestrian Bridge, linking the Greater Bitan Area on both sides of the banks with greatly convenient routes. At night, the magnificent light sculpture show at Sunshine Bridge illuminates Xindian River. The Bridge has become Xindian area’s new landmark and has also enhanced Xindian River’s sceneries at the banks and City residents’ leisure and living quality. The Bridge’s light sculpture design has meant for decorating Xindian Creek’s beautiful riverbank sceneries at night, and it has been comprehensively equipped with energy-saving carbon-reducing LED lightings. Exquisite moving light sculpture show has also been produced to create Xindian area’s nighttime attraction.
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