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Nanzigou Biker Rest Stop

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Updates : 2021-06-01


Originally the Nanzigou Pumping Station, which is located at the right bank of Dahan River and along the Nanzigou Cycling Route, was revamped partially into a biker’s rest stop offering cyclists a space to take a break. One can follow the signs and enter the Rest Stop from Shuangxikou Flood Prevention Pedestrian Bridge. The Rest Stop offers restroom, air pumping, and water refilling services. Entering the rest area indoor, one can also learn about the history and stories of Banqiao Nanzigou while taking a break.

But! The most striking view has to be the 26m-tall and 18m-wide mural! Based on the world classic book The Little Prince, this wall painting of adorable Little Prince, fox, and rose are waiting for your arrival at planet B612! (Photo Credit: Water Resources Department, New Taipei City Government)
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