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Starlight Bridge

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Updates : 2022-05-16


Starlight Bridge crosses over the Keelung River with a total length of 270m and is located at 800m downstream from Xizhi Chang’an Bridge; it is also the first scenic bridge that crosses over the Keelung River. The Bridge is right adjacent to Wudu Train Station and is exclusively for pedestrians’ and cycling use. It is designed as a single leaning tower cable-stayed bridge with a 75m-high leaning tower column that changes colors every 2 seconds. The main bridge pier is designed as a giant soaring microphone pointing towards the sky; the white tower column and the bridge itself are all installed with dots of lighting, which will exhibit sparkling twinkling starry lights at night – giving the Bridge’s name. The asymmetrical slant steel wire ropes pulled on both ends of Starlight Bridge are also one of its special features. The S-shaped bridge flooring is also innovatively designed and varies greatly from ordinary bridges’ stereotypical “square layout”. The leaning tower column and the bridge itself are installed with dotted lighting to display the image of sparkling starry lights and to symbolize the boundless hope of Xizhi area’s future development.

The S-shaped bridge flooring offers a spacious passage area. Under the sun, the Keelung River looks especially clear and calm; along with the white clouds in the sky, the bridge itself over the River, the Zhongshan Overpass that goes across the Bridge’s north end, and even the carefree white egrets near the low grass by the River are all reflected in the water, creating unique scenery.
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