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Clover Landscape Slide

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Updates : 2021-05-21


Clover Landscape Slide, located inside the New Taipei Metropolitan Park, is a state-of-the-art inclusive playground that just began its operation in April 2018. It had attracted large crowds of people to play here right after it was opened; even the famous travel show Super Taste was also shot here. The riverbank levee that had been simply decorated with color paintings have been now cleverly designed using the height differential to naturally create a recreation space. On the slope of the levee there is an exceedingly eye-catching 7m-tall circular arc shaped slide installed. There are also terrazzo slide, climb net, climbing holds, three-dimensional swerve balls, and other inclusive playground equipment, offering all children a fabulous play time. Please kindly note that the 7m slide has a minimum height requirement of 100cm.
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