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Fulong Train Station

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Updates : 2020-04-11


Fulong has always been one of the most popular attractions for all tourists visiting Northern Taiwan in summertime, and its bento and beach would be what Fulong is most famous for. Once stepping outside Fulong Train Station, visitors will see four to five bento shops, bike shops, and beach essentials shops all packed with customers. Cycling tourists who want to challenge the Old Caoling Tunnel can rent a bike and also get a bento here – be sure to hit the road after you are full. Before you set off, don’t forget to first put on your sunscreen and prepare plentiful supplies of water and snacks!

Fulong Train Station is probably Taiwan Railways’ most “fragrant” train station. Once stepping out of the train station, visitors will immediately smell the aromatic bento. On the weekends, you can often see people each holding a bento in hand and enjoying it in big bites right over the steps of the Train Station’s entrance.
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