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Coal Transporting Bridge

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Updates : 2022-08-29


The Coal Transporting Bridge was built for hauling diesel locomotives from all of the coal mining tunnel entrances to coal preparation plant. It was originally constructed as a three-layered iron bridge, but later due to mining industry needs, it was rebuilt to be a reinforced concrete circular arch bridge in August 1965, and was formally named “Grand Ruisan Bridge”. Currently, a completely preserved historic site is still available for tourists to revisit the flourishing mining scenes in the old days. In July, 2010, the Coal Transporting Bridge was refurbished on the flooring so that visitors are able to walk on the Bridge in a safer way. An old-time railroad has also been restored so it is presented in a retro look that mimics closer to its original appearance. Mine cart is also placed on the Bridge to fully display the coal transporting sight in the old days. At night, lighting will also be projected onto the Bridge, making the landmark one of the choices for nighttime Houtong photographers.
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