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Yunsen Waterfall

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Updates : 2021-07-22


Yunsen Waterfall is actually a portmanteau of the “Yunxin” (Cloud Heart) and “Shenshan” (Forest Mountain) waterfalls. The “Sisters Waterfall” is also included by some people to make up the “Three Falls of Yunsen.” All three waterfalls are located on the upper reaches of the Zhongkeng River. The Zhongkeng River is a tributary of Dabao River. The Dabao River flows into Sanxia River, which in turn joins the Dahan River before becoming Tamsui River. The waterfalls have a plentiful supply of water that cascades from the top of the rocks to form two curtains. The forest greenery makes the waterfall look even more delightful. Visitors can make their way to the bottom of the falls then look up for an even more awe-inspiring view.
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