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Jingualiao River Bikeway

Jingualiao River Bikeway

Ride a bicycle through tea farming villages and enjoy the charming views along the bikeway.
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Updates : 2022-12-05

Travel tips

  • Built along the Jingualiao River, the bikeway offers views of the river and tea plantations.
  • It connects with the Jingualiao Fishwatching Fern Walk, making it a nice place to play with the water in summer.
  • Make sure to rent a bike before heading for the bikeway.
  • The round-trip from the Qinshui Suspension Bridge to the Jiuqionggen Water Park is about 22.1 kilometers.
  • Parts of the bikeway are shared with vehicles. Please pay attention to your own safety when cycling.


There are two sections of the Jingualiao River Bikeway: one is from the Qinshui Suspension Bridge to Jinxi Police Station, and the other from Jinxi Police Station to the end at the Jiuqionggen Water Park. The round trip is about 22.1 kilometers long. There is a climbing part in the first section. Cyclists should prepare supplies like drinking water and rations before starting.

Riding along the Jingualiao River Bikeway, cyclists will be enjoying the scenery of the Jingualiao River. The Bikeway passes through the fishwatching trail, where bicycles and motor vehicles are using different lanes, so that cyclists don’t have to worry much about safety. Going forward, visitors will pass through Jingualiao Bicycle New Paradise, tea farming villages, and the Jingualiao Fishwatching Fern Walk. The Jingualiao Fishwatching Fern Walk is a popular summer destination to drive off the heat by paddling in the water. This suburban trail surrounded by pleasant mountains and woods, a wide variety of ferns growing on rocks, and schools of fish swimming in the stream have been included in the 2017 edition of Lonely Planet's recommendation.

The complete Bikeway consists of: Pinglin Qinshui Suspension Bridge (Pinglin Visitor Center) → Fishwatching Bikeway Monument → Jingualiao Bicycle New Paradise → Jinxi Police Station → North entrance of Jingualiao Fishwatching Trail → Jiuqionggen Water Park

Services & Facilities

  • Public Restroom
  • Parking Lot

Admission charge

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