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Jhongjiao Bay

Jhongjiao Bay

Welcome to the surfers’ paradise in northern Taiwan, with golden sandy shore and swell waves.
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Updates : 2022-08-16

Travel tips

  • The best surfing spot in northern Taiwan, easy for beginners.
  • A great place to enjoy water activities and play in the sand in the scorching summer.
  • See Twin Candlestick Islets, one of Jinshan’s eight scenic attractions.
  • The surfing center across the visitor center provides all sorts of rental surfing equipment.


Jhongjiao Bay is part of a sandy coast. The wind coming from the north all year round creates endless waves, rendering the place a perfect surfing spot. During the holidays, many surfers can be seen here. Jhongjiao Bay’s sandy shore area has a bigger shallow zone; rocks are seldom found in the fine sand here. It is a great vacation destination where the entire family can enjoy water activities together in the summer.
There are paid hot/cold shower rooms, a visitor center, and a surfing center near Jhongjiao Bay. There are also many clubs providing rental surfing boards and surfing lessons. Both beginners and experienced surfers can enjoy surfing here. If you want to simply relax and do nothing at all, you can sit down in the relaxing area of the round plaza and enjoy the spectacular sea view or go to the surrounding scenic cafe.
When coming to Jhongjiao Bay, you can surf or see the famous attraction in Jinshan: Twin Candlestick Islets. The Islets look like two candle sticks. It has even been said that these islets were transformed from a tragic couple.

Services & Facilities

  • Visitor Center
  • Bus Station
  • Public Restroom
  • Parking Lot

Admission charge

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