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Shiding Danlan Art and Culture Hall

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Updates : 2023-11-29


Shiding has been an important production area of Oolong Oriental Beauty Tea since ancient times. Wenshan Pouchong Tea is also grown here, making it one of the top three tea markets in Taiwan. During the heydays of Taiwan's coal industry, Shiding was also an important coal mining area in northern Taiwan. Although the mining industry has declined, many relics remain.

The Shiding Danlan Art and Culture Hall is a good place to discover the local culture and art. The first floor houses a permanent exhibition to display the history and products of Shiding District. The second floor has a special exhibition area with changing exhibitions related to the Shiding area, such as the history of Shiding tea, nature and landscapes, folk activities, etc., so that tourists can come to know Shiding better. The Art and Culture Hall’s exhibition spaces are also open to cultural and historical groups and artists. Come down here and get artsy!
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