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Maoao Ancient Stone Houses

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Updates : 2023-05-15


Looking towards the right from Fulian Elementary School, visitors would find a small fishing village settlement not far away, and it is exactly the Maoao Fishing Port. After enjoying water activities by the shore, visitors could follow the Northern Coastal Highway and travel towards the east to the Maoao Fishing Port. Before entering the Fishing Port, there are several ancient stone houses nearby; the stone materials exactly came from sandrocks by the seashore, the roof trusses came from the bamboos in the back mountains, and the roof thatched with grass straw. This "drawn from locally available materials"  way of building the ancient houses is full of our ancestors’ wisdom! Today, these stone ancient houses are mostly deserted and slowly crumbling down, so hurry and come capture traces of history before they are completely gone!
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